Space Clearing

 Space Clearing

Space clearing is the art of moving and dispersing adverse energy. Even if we are unaware of it we are all influenced energetically and we can be badly affected by its presence. Over time buildings and contents can collect energy that is absorbed and retained.

We are often asked by our clients to clear homes and business premises where ‘nothing seems to go right’. Life has become a struggle ever since they moved in. Frequently we find that where there are relationship problems , financial issues or health worries  and almost invariably previous occupants suffered similar difficulties.

Occasionally when we were treating our acupuncture patients we became aware that their distress originates elsewhere. This is often their home and can be dated from a move or significant event.

Barry has always been sensitive to some of these energies but only started developing his gift when he became an acupuncturist.

In her previous career Liza used to be able to feel patient’s distress and it was only after qualifying as an acupuncturist that she realised that she has a high degree of empathy.

When we started to work together we realised that we had a very special ability to clear not only houses but also patients of adverse energy.

We completed training with the Spirit Release Foundation and are fully insured  practitioners.